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Puy Mary activities: hiking, trail, e-bike…

  /  Puy Mary activities: hiking, trail, e-bike…
Puy Mary activities: hiking, trail, e-bike…

The territory of the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal offers many outdoor activities such as hiking, trail, or canyoning. Whether you are a couple, a den of friends, or family, you will find ideas to clear your mind on Europe’s largest volcano. Before any activity, remember to take a look at the good pratices for nature and your safety.


The Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal is 34 short hiking trails (PR) and 2 GR®, that is to say, more than 350 km to cover on the Cantal volcano.

You can hike on the Puy Mary territory alone or accompanied by a professional.

Several tools are available to help you find out about the marked PR paths in the area:

  • Our site and mobile application Espace Nature Puy Mary (available on iOS and Android). You will find the routes of the 34 PRs, as well as the profiles of each course. You will be able to find the hike that suits you by choosing its location and difficulty.
  • Our topo guide published in partnership with Chamina and available on our e-shop and in our Site Houses.

You can also use IGN maps :

  • TOP 25 Monts du Cantal — 2435ET
  • TOP 100 Aurillac — Saint-Flour
  • TOP 200 Massif central
  • TOP 25 Chaîne des Puys/PNR des Volcans d’Auvergne

Several providers of hiking activities offer hiking and discovery tours on the Puy Mary accompanied by a state-qualified instructor. They will help you discover the specificities of the Massif and its inhabitants. Don’t hesitate to contact them!

In any case never forget the advice given by Murat’s PGM for your safety.


The Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal offers a range of itineraries and services dedicated to trail walking. A permanent trail area “Espace Trail Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal” has been created in the area.

Discover more than 20 itineraries accessible to all levels of trail walkers and a large itinerant loop. A magnificent playground is available to you, on the grounds of the UTPMA, La Pastourelle, or the Trail des Six Burons.

The Puy Mary trail area is labeled Uni’vert trail by the French Athletics Federation and is sponsored by Philippe Propage, trainer of the French trail team.

To find out more about the available routes and challenges, visit our website and mobile application Espace Nature Puy Mary (available on iOS and Android).

Here you will find the routes and profiles of the courses.

Do you need equipment, supplies, or trail products bearing the effigy of Puy Mary? You will find them in our Site Houses and on our e-shop.


The Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal is more than 200 km of roads that make cyclists happy. Lovers of altitude difference you will be served with percentages per place at 15 %. The Tour de France has made no mistake in passing through Puy Mary several times, the last time being in 2020 with a finish in Pas de Peyrol which saw the victory of Daniel Martinez.

The most valiant riders can redo the complete stage from Châtel-Guyon to Puy Mary: 191,5 km and 4400 m of altitude difference. For the others, you can ride the last 30 km on the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal.

Portrait Romain Bardet - ©Emily Brammeier
Portrait Romain Bardet - ©Emily Brammeier

Romain Bardet trains regularly on the roads of the Cantal and more particularly on the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal. He has thus created a 112 km loop that you can do yourself.

On the program: departure from Mandailles-Saint-Julien, passage through the Col de Légal, then Salers, the descent to Falgoux via the Col de Neronne will be an opportunity to gain strength before attacking the ascent to the Pas de Peyrol with a 9% finish. You will then take the direction of Dienne and Murat before reaching the station of Lioran, you will finish by the col de Pertus after having crossed Saint-Jacques-Blats and before going down again to Mandailles-Saint-Julien.


Are you scared of the steep slopes of Europe’s largest volcano? The solution is to opt for a ride in an e-bike, their battery will allow you to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the Cantalien massif without exhausting yourself.

You can hire e-bike from various providers.

Electric recharging stations are currently being installed in the area.


You like cycling when there are bumps, climbs, and descents. You will be served with 5 mountain bike circuits labeled by the French Cycling Federation. 3 levels of difficulty are available.

To download the circuits, go to our website and mobile application Espace Nature Puy Mary (available on iOS and Android).


Do you want to refresh yourself and enjoy some thrills? Why not try your hand at canyoning? Supervised by professionals, you will be able to test this practice and have a great time in the water.

Horseback riding

Does your passion for horses never leave you, even during your holidays? Would you like to travel through the Cantalien massif on horseback? Thanks to several hiking trails equipped with horse crossings, this will be possible.

To download the routes, go to our website and mobile application Espace Nature Puy Mary (available on iOS and Android).

Besoin d’être accompagné ? Vous trouverez ci-dessous les prestataires dans le domaine de l’équitation, mais également ceux proposant des balades à dos d’âne.

Paragliding and free-flying

Flying like a bird over the Cantal mountains is possible thanks to the various paragliding and hang-gliding sites in the Puy Mary area.

Via Ferrata and climbing

Do you dream of climbing Europe’s largest volcano other than by walking? Try the via ferrata or climbing! You will be supervised by professionals, they will not be able to help you if you have vertigo, but they will be there to guide you and help you discover this practice.

There are several via ferrata routes at the Lac des Graves with a zip-line final.

Climbing routes can be found on the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal :

  • Roc d’Hozières (from 5 b to 7 b);
  • Puy de la Tourte (up to 5 c and from 6a to 6 c);
  • Roc des chamois (up to 5 c).

Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or an amateur wishing to discover this sport, Puy Mary offers you several places and rivers to fish for the famous fario trout, among other things. Don’t hesitate to contact a guide who will give you advice.

Nordic areas and winter activities

Who says that nothing happens in winter on the Cantal volcano?

With 3 nordic areas and numerous winter activities, the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal offers you many activities so you don’t have to stay cooped up.


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