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Good pratices

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The right gestures

Before any activity on the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal, here are the good gestures for your safety and the preservation of nature.

Before you leave
  • Check the local weather forecast.
  • Take waterproof and warm clothes.
  • Put on shoes and equipment.
  • Take supplies (think of local producers) and hydration.
  • Do not overestimate your physical abilities.
  • Take a guidebook or an IGN map.
During the activity
  • Stay on the marked trails.
  • Adjust your route according to changing weather conditions.
  • Do not open the fences, use the crossings and close the gates once you have passed them.
  • During the hunting season, ask the Cantal Departmental Federation of Hunters for information on hunting schedules.
Am I allowed to…

Walking with your dog on a leash

✅ Tolerate on hiking trails.

❌ Even on a leash, do not cross the summer pastures with your dog.


✅ Tolerated on the GR® itinerary in the context of a touring hike (set up at sunset, leave at sunrise).

❌ Wild camping (staying several days in the same place) is prohibited.

Making a fire

✅ Only on developed areas.

❌ Prohibited within 200 m of a border, a wood, a forest, you expose yourself to a fine of 135 €. A fire start that can destroy several hectares of greenery.

Throwing away my waste

✅ Prepare a bag to take your waste back with you.

❌ Throw away your waste: an apple core takes 5 months to degrade in nature, a candy paper 5 years, a plastic bottle 1 century…

Observe the wild fauna/flora

✅ Stay low-key, you’ll have a better chance of seeing wildlife at sunrise or dusk. Admire, observe, photograph the plants.

❌ Keep a safe distance, don’t try to get too close. Picking the plants exposes you to a fine of 135 €.

The good gestures reminded by the PGM of Murat for your safety

Access / Webcam / Weather

Check the weather forecast
Direction of motorhome traffic

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