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Restaurant on the Puy Mary

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Restaurant on the Puy Mary

Visiting Puy Mary, walking around, doing activities, it’s a great way to get away from it all. Here’s something to eat whether it’s a truffade, a stuffed cabbage, a pavé de salers, or a pachade… in a restaurant on Puy Mary. Don’t worry about all the specialties you are going to discover, thanks to all the activities to be done on the Grand Site de France Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal you will be able to keep your figure while enjoying yourself.

Tourist Offices

The tourist advisers at the local tourist offices will be able to guide and support you in your search for a restaurant on the Puy Mary . Don’t hesitate to call on them.

Below is the list of tourist offices and the sectors they cover.

  • Carladès (Saint-Jacques-des-Blats, Thièzac) : 04 71 47 50 68 /
  • Hautes Terres (Dienne, Laveissière, Lavigerie) : 04 71 20 09 47 /
  • Le Lioran : 04 71 49 50 08 /
  • Pays d’Aurillac (Lascelle, Mandailles-Saint-Julien, Saint-Cirgues-de-Jordanne) : 04 71 68 46 58 /
  • Pays de Gentiane (Le Claux, Cheylade) : 04 71 78 07 37 /
  • Pays de Salers (Le Falgoux, Le Fau, Le Vaulmier, Saint-Paul-de-Salers, Saint-Projet-de-Salers, Saint-Vincent-de-Salers, Salers) : 04 71 40 58 08 /

For a restaurant beyond the Massif du Puy Mary on the rest of the Cantal department the site Auvergne Destination Volcans will provide you with all the information you need.


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